Friday, June 18, 2010

Misc thoughts and catching up.... crossfit, running, my baltimore trip and life in general

hey everyone i know it been a while almost three weeks, which is way to long so where do i start....

Crossfit update: now going into my sixth week, its has been hard and punishing but well worth the effort. i am already starting to see the benefits of this total body workout, especially in my running form, and the way my body feels and reacts to the trails. well for those of you whom don 't know crossfit has two weeks that start the summer out, that they deem "hero and bitch" week.

the "bitch" part are all workouts named after female with names like fran, annie, mellissa, julie, etc. these workouts are intense ,they push you to the edge and then you realize why they are called "bitch". i survived that week and did really well but the next week which finished today, would be the most challenging. the "hero" workouts.

the "hero" these are named after service men killed in the line of duty and these make the bitch workouts seem lame and easy. its hard to explain these except as hell but once you've tamed them it feels great, here is a link to the break down of these workouts, read on to appreciate the toughness of these!

and please if you want info on crossfit please check out the main website: to read and get more info and lastly a huge thanks to Toby and all the gang at in hudson for the support and pushing me through these workouts , even when i want to stop, they motivate me to continue. thanks to all of you.

Burning River 100 training update:

its hot outside and still trying to get acclimated to the heat and humidity but so far so good, no complaints, my miles are a bit less than i would like but they are quality over quantity at this point don't want to get injured bf the revenege takes place on july 31. i mean revenge bc this race beat me last year and i DNF'd did nothing fatal and has to call it quits at about 84 or 86 miles its a bit foggy to me but watch out here i come!

And lastly my baltimore trip.
i have a good friend from college whom live in baltimore MD and i had the chance to go visit him around june 11- 14th. the drive was rather easy about 7 hrs and beautiful, i made great time, and got in about 8pm. he showed me around his place and off to the harbor we went which was only 2 blocks away. Awesome views and great restraunts everwhere.
son on friday jeff had to work but told me of this harbor trail which is a collection of brick paths and boardwalks that follow the harbor from one end to another so i thought what the heck sounds great. so i geared up and off i went follow said path, i thought it was shorter but round trip back to his house 18 miles! along the way i saw the many great water front neighborhoods, attractions and tons of boats, absolutely breathtaking. Just to much was seen ,i could go on for a long time but, i managed to kill a friday jsut being outside and seeing sights all while running, it was so peaceful.
even more strange was that the people were friendly, they all say hi and hello as you pass and i even managed to runa few miles with some random runners really fun.
Friday night was uneventful, just hung out and check out some local bars with some of his friends called it an early night.
Sat: this was the day of the crab cake! wow incredible we had a crab cake that was all crab no filling number one in Baltimore for 12 yrs in a row still going strong and voted best in maryland at a little place called G and M here is the link, awesome and i jsut found out they do mail order, i think i might be in heaven. after lunch we went to clipper city brewing company loved the tour so much fun and met lots of great people there also. sat night wasinteresting we had a cook out then did local neighboorhood bar crawl, it was rough but so much fun, it was organized by the local bars and jeff even met some of his neighbors that he never met, but one bar stood out.

it was call JP's i t was the biggest hole in the wall but the name got me! nothing special but it is a great pic of me outside of this bar.
Sunday: relaxed, harbor, some sights and a water taxi tour and that was it, a short but very exciting weekend.

today: am run 5 miles, before the heat, crossfit, rest, lunch run with my friend brett for 6.5 miles, then the fun stuff lounging by the pool for a few hours, not to bad of a start to my weekend, to bad i have to work the rest of it. till next time....

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