Friday, August 13, 2010

working 9-5!!

hey everyone,

It's so hard to believe that its been almost two weeks isnce the Burning River 100 mile race, time flies! since running the race i would say alot has happened.

1st: Recovery:
this time last year i was still a walkig wounded mess, but this year my feet have already healed up for the most part, minus the one black toenail that is hanging on for dear life. i've been running a few miles mostly in the 5 mile range but nothing much longer. In fact this year since i started incoporating weights and cross trainig specifically crossfit , i feel much more inshape. On the monday followwing the BR100 i was in the gym lifting weights and getting back into the 3 to 4 times a week Crossfit routine that i had started. it felt great and i thank myself for sticking with it. I really can't say enough good things about Toby and the gang at SPC crossfit. they are my third family. 1 is mine, 2 is my running family 3 is my crossfit family.

2nd new job(well sort of):
i have had the chance to well get a life! if you will and work real working people hours 9 to 5pm. i'm bascially filling in for two nurses that are out of the office due to personal reasons. its at the Cleveland Clinic's mellen center which is the MS and ALS clinic. very interesting for me and i am really learning a ton. Basically i'm screening patients , refilling medications, taking pt history, etc. it is just a real nice change of pace for me and i don't work weekends that a huge plus. this looks to be short term till mid September but could possible turn into a full time job.

3rd: married life,
Its now August 13th,and it is so hard to believe that maria and i have been married almost one year. its been a roller coaster year for us both and we have been super busy but for the most part all is good. we have had disagreements, fights etc, but we haven't killed each other and overall are like all newly married couples , clueless and trying to figure this whole thing out. i could have never asked for a better wife, and best friend, plus she lets me do crazy things like run a 100 mile run! more to come on us later but life is an adventure and i'm loving every minute of it.

Well i hope you all have a great weekend and i'll talk/blog to you later

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