Thursday, September 9, 2010

i'll admit i've been slacking lately

my intentions of this blog were to update it every one to two weeks but life can be carzy! Summer has come and gone and we are now entering fall, i love the fresh crisp air, and getting back out on the trails to see the welcoming of a new season.

I'm still experiencing the joys of working real hours 9-5 and that lets me enjoy my time at home more,and its nice atually to be able to spend time my wife maria for a change. i never realized how much i miss out bc i worked nights, but nothing last forever and i'm afraid my gig is gonna be up mid october :( but life goes on... and on..and on.. oh well. maybe some change is on the way who knows?

I've been feeling great i 've had a great summer , finished a 100 mile run, raised money for the national MS society,and even taken in some fun summer fetivals this year. But the improtant thing is that i am not burned out, or injuried and i'm healthy. so looking into the future for the fall and winter i want to keep doing what ever i have done different so far and keep my momentum to stay fit and healthy.

We have joined a new gym Akron wellness center which is so nice, and even closer to us,they even did a fitness assessment on me, wow i dont think i have ever had that done.but it gave me some real benchmarks on what i need to improve on.

so next big runnnig adventure is the Akron marathon which i am running the full and the 1/2 marathon that maria is running. i will be her pacer for the first 11 miles then we will split and we will both finish our distances respectively.

full race report and pics to come psot race so stay tuned.

thanks for reading my rambling and thoughts and i'll do better to keep this more frequent.

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