Sunday, January 2, 2011

it is really 2011!

wow, its so hard to believe that 2010 has come and gone, i'm not sure were the time goes but man it seems to go by faster and faster each year, or that could just be me getting older! so here we are in 2011, a year, new chances, new goals and new adventures.

as many people make new years resolutions about health or eating, i did not,but instead choose to make it my goal to better keep my blog up to date and be more active in my local running community. Along with that i was also fortunate enough to be choosen to be in the Brooks ID team again for 2011, and this year got upgraded to the PACE team ( performance and coaching elite) so i am really excited about this and proving myself to brooks and getting the word out about their products and make them a proud supporter of me. Along with Brooks , Kineysis Sunscreen also renewed me as an athlete. really excited about this also, they make a great product with no added harsh chemicals or additives and they do no animal testing. ( had to plug them)

So races and life goals for 2011:

1. keep my health and remian injury free
2. keep plugging my sponsors Brooks and Kinyesis Sunscreen and SPC crossfit, SPC have been a great strength and endurance tool for me and they are the family i never knew i had before.
3. Keep myself and my wife motivated and get her trained for her goal to run and finish her 1st Marathon, this year, Copenhagen Denmark may 2011
4. Run Happy and live happy bc things could always be worse and be grateful for all i have in my life and am able to do.

Also i have tried in the past to be very organized with my blog,but to be true to myself this will be more just a rough ideas and ramblings about what ever is on my mind at the time. so in leaving i hope you all have a great new year and will keep you posted on my upcoming adverntures , lessons and life events, as they develop .

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