Saturday, May 22, 2010

Misc thoughts about how my training for the 2010 BR100 is coming along

as yo may or may not know, i have set out to complete and compete in this year Burning river 100. this race is a 100 mile endurance race that cover 100 miles on trails through NE Ohio. this year it is also the USA track and field 100 mile championships which is pretty cool! great way to get the word out that NE Ohio has a great trails to run on and an even greater community of dedicated trail runners.
My motivation for the race this year is mostly of revenge for unfinished business from last year's BR100 that i DNF "did nothing fatal" i had to drop at 84 miles bc of stomach issues. this year is different. i run with more passion better prepared but also for a cause. my cause is for MS. MS has touched my life personally this last year and it is now what keeps me motivated to keep moving and to keep running.

Infact it MS has opened my eyes about things we take for granted and bc of this and my connection i am using the BR 100 as a fund raiser to raise funds for MS research. i also am touched bc one of my best friends from college, his mom had MS and recently passed away, so this race will be for her and all those people living with MS in their life.

my fundraising page can be found at :

BR100 training update:
nutrition: better thought out and targeted and also tried and tested at old pueblo 50 miler in Arizona that was in march... success

Mileage: on target and happy with averaging about 45-60miles a week a bit low but very happy. focus is on quality no quantity this year. feel great about this, especially since i am a night owl and work 12 hr nights training can be hard to get sometimes.

injury: none to speak of nock on wood healthy this year no aches or serious pain or injuries. Blisters are my only foe, and have ataget these issues with new socks and better foot prep so far so good,thanks to the book "fixing your feet" a must read for any endurance athlete.

Equipment: tested and got a new hydration pack golite Rush lots of storage with 3L capability and has waist pockets for goodies and two bottle holder on pack. this is great for my Amino and clip 2 drinks. ( both by succeed! the makers of s caps)

new sternum light works great, shoes sticking with and love the inov8 flyroc 310's last a great time and excellent tread life.

to be tested still kineysis sunscreen got sponsored this year seem s like a good product so far will post more later.

Cross Training: started a crossfit endurance (cross training program) so far so good i ache but it is a good ache, its only the second week but feel i will see great returns if not by the BR100 but for future utlras. huge thanks to SPC crossfit in Hudson OH and toby the owner. its a solid program!

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