Saturday, May 22, 2010

"survial" the end of my first week of crossfit

i am very excited and proud of my self this week as it is the end to my first of many weeks/months to come of my a crossfit training program. this first week was by no means easy but very rewarding, i found ways to be sore that i never new existed but overall had great satisfaction in knowing that i could do this. crossfit is nothing special but totally unique for me, especially as being a runner and only doing the typical running and some cross training to keep in shape that runners require.

this week i gues coild be summed up as a total ass kicking for me, bc of the pain and soreness that i felt,unlike typical aches and pains from running. i must say that i do look forward to these 3 to 4 workouts per week and can't wait to go back for and start my second week will start monday!
best of all everyone there are from all walks of life and everyone is totally supportive of each other and very motivating, i may be a beginner but i already feel like i am a regular and fit in. this is very important to me!

thanks to everyone at SPC crossfit in Hudson, see you all again soon

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